The Benefits of Australian Youth Organizations for Young People

The Youth Survey provides valuable insight into the concerns of young people, where they seek support, and how they view the world. This information is of great interest to the media, the community, and policy makers. Youth-led organizations are unique in that they are controlled by young people, usually volunteers. These organizations typically have an age limit for membership, allowing them to accurately represent young people.

Power and decision-making are typically distributed throughout the organization. The goals of these organizations often include community development, social action, providing services or training to young people, or supporting the interests of young people. Australian youth organizations offer a range of health services to young people, including free medical services, social and emotional well-being support, sexual health services, and dental health services. These services are especially important for local Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander communities, which account for 26% of the population.

Additionally, these organizations can help young people obtain a Medicare card and provide general advice. To find a local Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) in New South Wales, visit the Aboriginal Medical and Health Research Council website or call 02 9212 4777. Beyond Blue is dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces, policies, and services for LGBTIQ+ communities and their families. Key national indicators of the health and well-being of young Australians (indicators of the National Information Framework for Youth) are used to present a national overview of how young people are doing at any given time. This allows progress to be monitored and updated regularly.