Supporting Young People with Disabilities or Special Needs in Australia

The Australian youth organization CYDA is a vital link between the direct experiences of children and young people with disabilities and their families. YDAN, the Perth Youth Disability Advocacy Network, is a leading organization in the country that advocates for Western Australians. They organize workshops and advocate for young people, while other organizations focus on youth advocacy or disability advocacy across Australia. Ebe, the senior director of projects (Equity and Belonging) at the Australian National University, was a member of the first CYDA Youth Council.

This organization was initially established in 2002 as the Australian Association of Families of Children with Disabilities. Skye, who previously worked at JFA Purple Orange, supported the Enabled Youth Disability Network (EYDN), a youth policy and initiative committee led by and for young people with disabilities. They have also been involved in the Youth Disability Defense Network, designing and implementing programs to improve accessibility for young people with disabilities, collaborating with community organizations. Jason is currently working on several projects at CYDA, such as coordinating the National Leadership Program for Disabled Youth (Youth Leaders Program) and the National Youth Disability Summit. He also supports many other youth participation events, consultations and co-design sessions.

The Foundation for Australian Youth is another national organization that supports the voices of disabled young people. Margherita was a member of the CYDA Youth Council and is a member of the Executive of the Commonwealth Children and Youth Disabilities Network, where she is actively involved in the community and loves interacting with others working for intersectional justice. CYDA provides a range of support services to young people with disabilities or special needs. These include advocacy services to ensure their rights are respected, workshops to help them develop skills and knowledge, and initiatives to promote their inclusion in society. The organization also works to raise awareness about disability issues among young people and their families.

Additionally, they provide resources to help young people access services they need. CYDA also works to create an environment where young people with disabilities or special needs can feel safe and supported. They offer mentoring programs to help them build confidence and self-esteem, as well as peer support networks to connect them with other young people who have similar experiences. The organization also works to ensure that young people have access to appropriate education and employment opportunities. CYDA is committed to helping young people with disabilities or special needs reach their full potential. Through their advocacy services, workshops, initiatives, resources, mentoring programs, peer support networks, and more, they are dedicated to creating an inclusive society where everyone can thrive.