What Kind of Programs Do Australian Youth Organizations Offer?

Australian youth organizations provide a range of programs designed to develop leadership and teamwork skills in young people. All of these programs are organized and led by volunteers under 25 years of age. The Defense Work Experience Program is an opportunity for young people to explore the range of jobs available in the Australian Defense Force and the Australian Public Service. The Australian Navy Cadets program is sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy and is designed to teach valuable life skills such as leadership, self-reliance, trust, teamwork, and communication.

The Cadets of the Australian Army (AAC) are a major national youth development organization, with the character and values of the Australian Army, which is based on a strong community partnership that encourages and supports ongoing interest.

UN Youth

Australia works with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to select and support a youth representative to the United Nations General Assembly. This representative goes on an extensive consultation tour around the country to address and discover the issues that are most important to young Australians, and travels to New York as an accredited member of the Australian Mission to represent young Australians at the United Nations. In July, UN Youth Australia sends a delegation of high school students to participate in the Aotearoa leadership tour, which promotes interculturality and engagement between indigenous and non-indigenous Australian youth through a tour of New Zealand focusing on Maori culture and relations between Maori and Pākehā.

In January, UN Youth Australia sends a delegation of 16 high school students to visit the United Nations Office in Vienna as part of a European tour focusing on international relations, modern history, and European organizations related to global politics. The Australian Air Force (AAFC) cadets are managed and sponsored by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Every year since 1999, UN Youth Australia has been working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to select and support a youth representative to the United Nations General Assembly. Participants become accredited United Nations youth facilitators and have the opportunity to lead school visits, travel around the country, and inspire future generations of young Australians.

The National Conference is an annual event that brings together delegates from each state and territorial division of UN Youth Australia, UN Youth from New Zealand, and some international organizations. This conference provides innovative workshops, conferences, competitions, and first-class national events. Australian youth organizations offer a variety of programs that are designed to develop leadership skills, foster teamwork, promote intercultural understanding, explore career opportunities in defense forces or public service, and inspire future generations.